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Thermal Inspection

Unmanned Aerial Systems with infrared cameras allow remote pilots to access the most difficult and dangerous locations, collect required data without additional equipment and labor costs. By using UAS IR inspection services, workers don't need gas masks, insurances and companies no longer have to place employees in dangerous areas. Industrial plants, degassing volcanic craters and solar farms can all be surveyed with our IR UAS services. Keep industrial workers safe by using our thermal UAS service to gather the data required for fast and accurate decision making. Increase workflow and reduce risk associated with dangerous working environments.

UAS Thermal Infrared Inspection

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There are two ranges to our thermal inspection via UAS:

1. -20°C~150°C

2. 0°C~500°C

If your project exceeds these temperature limitations, please reach out for a more customizable approach. Feel free to contact us to speak more about our innovative data security solutions.

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