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Air Pollution Detection

Pollution Detection and Air Quality Mapping

Atmospheric Analytical Services provides a unique and innovative pollution detection and air quality monitoring service package designed to identify gas leaks at industrial plants, locate and measure degassing fumaroles in volcano craters, and to monitor the ambient air quality in cities, industrial areas and other various environments.

We use both Sniffer4D and Kunak devices depending on the project requirements. The Kunak has a cloud based system you could log into and monitor the air quality wherever the device is installed.


Kunak is a permanently based station with SO2, H2S, CO2, NO₂ and PM. Various other sensors can also be integrated into the system.

We are here to help you build this initiative and support your air quality project both commercially and academically. 


There are several air quality monitoring systems we use; some are designed for HAZMAT response and others to log volcanic emissions. Our team can accurately monitor and measure;  NO2, SO2, O2, VOC’s, CO2, CO, PM 1.0, PM 2.5, PM 10, O3, NO2+O3, H2S, HF, HCI, CO, CxHy/CH4/LEL, H2.

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