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3-D Mapping and Digital Modeling

3-D Modeling for Geographic Information Systems

Digital Modeling and Mapping Services - Provide a fast and reliable way to track changes and monitor situational progress for complex projects. We can monitor construction development in cities from real estate to roadway construction. We can survey natural disaster damage such as hurricane flooding in Florida, and provide our clients an interactive 3-D model of the community as well as detailed damage reports with survey grade dependability at 3cm accuracy.

Drone surveys of natural disaster damage such as county wide flooding from the Category 4 Hurricane Irma in 2017 or the Category 5 Hurricane Ian in September 2022 offers flood insurance providers quick and accurate ways to survey grade data and map the damage.  


Our UAS services can track geomorphological changes in natural settings such as degassing in volcanic regions and erosion around natural freshwater springs. 


Our UAS digital modeling services help universities and companies visualize the project and optimize decision making with innovative solutions such as a georeferenced digital models derived from our photogrammetry service.

Thermal model of the Turrialba Volcano crater Costa Rica


Digital model of the Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

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