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Aerial Photography

Drone Photography & Image Processing

Drone photography can capture client attention in any sector it is applied to. Geoscience professionals continue to express how valuable drone images are of active eruptions such as the Litle-Hrútur volcano in Iceland July 2023. Drones allow specialized researchers to access dangerous areas and collect the images otherwise unobtainable which are required for a proper analysis of the site.


Aerial photography of  properties has proven to increase sales for real estate agents. Aerial imaging captures special events from a unique perspective, and increases attention on social media and website marketing. 


Whether it's a wedding celebration, real estate listing, power plant inspection or construction development monitoring; Atmospheric Analytical Services can gather high resolution UAS photographs for your specific needs. 


UAS photography can increase exposure with specialized marketing photos, monitor extreme environments, contribute to natural resource management, and increase understanding through the visualization of scientific & academic research projects.

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